Learn How To Turn What You Love To Do Into What You Do For A Living

The Bell Family regrets to inform anyone visiting this page that Patrick died on 6/20/20 at age 42.  Please feel free to listen to the music and watch the videos…in fact, please do and appreciate the too-short life of Patrick Bell and his gift. 

We should have had some inkling of what was to lie ahead in our lives when one of the first comments made to us after Patrick popped out at 1:38 AM, October 28, 1977 was “…Wow, that kid has a set of lungs!”

We made no more of that until he was a high school freshman.  The school musical was going to be produced and he decided on his own that he wanted the lead male role.  Checking with his then piano teacher, who suddenly turned into his voice coach, he was told “…Patrick, you’ll get this.  You have a range of over an octave and no other boys will want to sing in public anyhow.”  It went from there to his glorious, mature baritone which you’ve all heard and that has stirred literally thousands.

Sadly, his voice is stilled, taken from us too soon by a genetic defect never previously detected.  Thanks to the internet though, that voice will live on until his webpage is taken down, which I don’t see happening soon.

Patrick was his own man, made his own decisions and lived his life the way he wanted to with no regrets.  He was starting another adventure with a new business idea when he was taken.  But things have changed and to paraphrase Peter Pan, “Patrick is off on his awfully big adventure” and we can’t watch this one except in spirit.  His sister and we are devastated of course but he’ll live on in our hearts until we die as well.

So Godspeed little buddy, and we’ll see you again sometime.  

Oh, and Patrick, we almost forgot… demand first chair in your section, wherever the choir is located.  You shouldn’t need an audition at all to be accepted…


your Dad and Mom

Bruce and Nancy

My dream for you is that you’re able to have the freedom and independence to earn a living doing what you want. I’m looking for people who want to make this dream a reality.

The “Turn Your Passion Into a Paycheck” process is broken down into three phases:

Phase #1: Business Brainstorm

Goal: Come up with one service-based business model to try. (Something you’re good at, that you love to do, that people need and will pay for, that you intend to trade for a set amount of time, for money. Will this be a single, one-on-one session with a client? Ongoing sessions at regular intervals? A group presentation? A group class presented over a period of time? It is likely that your particular talent/skill can be packaged in a number of ways, but at this stage you must pick one format that you will use to build your initial customer base.)

Phase #2: Business Startup

Goal: Practice delivering your service in the format of your chosen business model. Use your warm market for leads and referrals until you’ve decided on one market niche to pursue. Develop confidence/competence in delivering your service.

Phase #3: Grow Your Business

Goal: Outreach to your market niche using different marketing tactics until you find one that works. Grow your customer base until you’ve reached your income goal.